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Wayland Stanley here again. Standing by the native huts in Whitby looking for the bearers who seem to have run off with all the tea again.

Hacked our way up though the midge infested swamps of Yorkshire for the day to study the fascinating indigenous cultures of the area.

They seem to be largely divided between two tribes. One tribe wears tall hats and very dark clothing while the others display triangular hats, a bewildering array of bright colours and say “Arrr” a lot.

Mix into these cultures an expeditionary force of Steam driven military personnel and the usual swarm of rag tag camp followers pointing cameras everywhere and the settlement seemed quite lively for the weekend.

The local markets were full of artisans and traders as usual, many reusing materials and defunct equipment to produce fine decorative items. I managed to find a fine hussar’s waistcoat that must have come from some poor fellow captured by the natives. (Who knows which tribe but I suspect the triangular hatted devils. Shifty looking lot...)

The local diet consists mainly of fish served with root vegetables and I have to say from experience, it serves tolerably well and does discourage them from eating the soldiers. (Although I did notice some of the tall hat tribe with suspiciously sharp looking teeth.)

Will make my way back across the border soon and start planning our next expedition to Lincoln next month.


Whitby Steampunk Weekend.   July 2018

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