Steam Cooled Helmet. © Gary Waidson -

While hacking one’s way through the impenetrable jungles of Borneo, the Congo or Kew, a good helmet is often required to repel monkey droppings and coconuts.

Of course it is quite hot enough already without something on your head so a touch of cooling is very welcome I can tell you.

This is where Dr Livingstone’s remarkable steam cooled helmet*  comes in awfully handy.

Using some frightfully clever heat exchanger thingie and a few pipes it turns hot into cold which is pumped around your head by your movement on the march.

The more you march, the colder it gets! Remarkable! In fact we had one energetic young fellow keel over with a frostbitten head last week.

Of course, the dashed heat is not the only problem in the deepest darkest parts of Africa. The other problem is that it is very dark.

So a good Carbide lamp is just the ticket for lighting your way.

The only other requirement a gentleman really needs on the trail, apart from tea and a team of bearers of course, is a good set of condiments to cheer up the ghastly local food.

Carrying a few vital supplies on your hat ensures that if the bearers run off with everything else you are at least guaranteed a good meal even if it is only a grilled snake.

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